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Written and Directed by

Regina Banali

Produced by 

Regina Banali

Nancy O'Brien

Cinematography and Editing

Ryan Griswold


Peter Swartz

Ryan Griswold

Assistant Editing

Ricky Hayner

Sound Design

Cameron Frankley


Music Supervisor

Regina Banali


Frankie Banali               Sartana

Tal Berkovich                 Dolores

Joe Chambrello            Django

Alex Grossi                     Bandito


Chuck Wright                  Trinity

James Durbin               Solo Kid


Jim Law                      Bartender


Smokey              Sartana's Horse



Paul Saladino


End Title Graphics

Diego Tripodi

Josh loveridge


Production Design

Tae Beinhorn


Set Dressing

Casey McCullum


Key Makeup

Tara Shakespeare


Key Hair

Nora Doench



Celeste Maxwell



Regina Banali

1st AD

Christina Gray


1st AC

Michael Kolb


2nd AC

Joel Spielberger


Key Grip

Kory Boyer



Yancey Wells

Joey Skaggs


Sound Recording

Robert Leon


Stunt Coordinator and Gun Armorer

Dillon Wilson


Production Assistant

Michael Brasic

Camille Pipkin

Lesette Maxwell


Filmed in Agua Dulce California at

Circle G Ranch

Caravan West


Special Thanks

Tracy and Brett Gregory

Amy and Steve Nelson

Anna Biller

Stacey Dutton

Monique Parent

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