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Frankie Banali as Sartana                 


Frankie is most known as a world famous drummer from the band Quiet Riot. He has played on many hit records for Quiet Riot and other artists and won countless awards and platinum records. He is also a spokes person for Pancreatic Cancer awareness. During pre-production Frankie was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. He soldiered through chemo during production and relished in playing the villain Sartana. This is his first acting role. He is married to the director so there may have been a casting couch involved. 

Tal Berkovich as Dolores               


Tal is a Israeli American actress and model. She rose to be part of the Israeli national ballet company. After an injury she continued to work all over the world as a model and an actress. In Milan, she had a successful modeling career, then she moved to London to study acting. at the Actors Temple and was offered roles in "Radio Rock" and Walt Disney’s "Prince of Persia". Tal is a star in Israel, and appeared in the Israeli "Dancing with the Stars" as one of the celebrity competitors. In 2014 she moved to Los Angeles and starred in the web series "Pay Day”, and “Sprout”. She is starring in a current "Old Spice" TV campaign, in a "Bose" commercial and the latest “Lime a Rita” (bud light) national commercial. She is also presently the face of "Vine Vera" cosmetics. Tal was trained in weapons and Krav Maga as part of her military training in Israel.

Joe Chambrello as Django         


East Coast born and raised and now an LA-based actor, writer, and producer. Joe has had co-star roles on the hit soap opera “Days of Our Lives”, “The Conan O'Brien show”, “SMILF” on Showtime, and a comedy pilot alongside Frankie Muniz. He has starred in several indie features including Asylum's “The Fast and the Fierce”. He has a typical leading man, dramatic look,  but gears towards comedy in his own writing and producing, which includes two comedy web-series that have been very well received. He received weapons training in handguns and, rifles, and shotguns from renowned armorer Mike Tristiano and Co. 

Regina Banali - Writer/Director/Producer    

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The first movie she saw in a theater was 2001 A space odyssey at 3 years old. She talked about it and the music so much her parents bought an LP of the soundtrack and played it to occupy her when they wanted alone time. Since then she has been obsessed with cinema and especially films with great music. Like many directors, Regina Banali began her career in front of the camera, appearing in over 50 film and television roles earning her chops on both ultra low budget movies and blockbusters. Her first feature as a director was the film “QUIET RIOT: Well Now You’re Here, There’s No Way Back” a rock documentary on the 80's metal band Quiet Riot. The film was acquired by the Showtime Network. "In The Blood" is her first narrative short and she wrote and directed it to pay tongue in cheek homage to the great spaghetti westerns of the '60s and '70s which in her opinion was the best period for films.and music. 


Nancy O’Brien - Producer    

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Ms. O’Brien began her studies at the Summer Arts Theatre Program at Point Park University with the Pittsburgh Playhouse for four consecutive years before college and went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre from California State University, Northridge. She studied Shakespeare in London through Imperial College where she acted, and also ran lights, props, wardrobes, and even managed stages.  She lived in London for a year, and in order to continue following her dream, she immediately relocated to Los Angeles. Since then Nancy has worked in Hollywood for many years as an actor and is now producing films. Nancy spends her free time pursuing physically challenging activities in nature, including rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and mountain biking. 


Ryan Griswold - Cinematographer/Editor    


A Los Angeles based cinematographer, drone operator, and underwater camera operator with an MFA in Film and Television Production from USC School of Cinematic Arts, Ryan Griswold is known as a bit of a techie, and he uses every ounce of his technical knowledge when shooting to create a visual structure that marries his artistic flair with the practicalities of the shoot. The dynamic between the DP, the Director, and the crew is what keeps Ryan coming back to set and is why he becomes many a Director and Producers go-to as soon as they work with him. Ryan is an award winning cinematographer whose recent feature, “Cicada Song”, won “Best Cinematography,” at Glendale International Film Festival  as well as multiple  “Best in Fest.”


Cameron Frankley - Sound Designer    


Cameron Frankley leads Number Nine Productions and is best known for his work on Star Trek: First Contact, Terminator Salvation, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Some more highlights from the dozens of credits of Blockbuster films are the Hangover trilogy, The Princess Bride, The Breakup, Stand by Me, Speed, and Tangled. He won countless  Golden Reel awards and nominations and won Emmy’s for Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Rolling Stones Crossfire Hurricane documentary and The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, the touring years documentary. 

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