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In the old west, Sartana rides into town to score some cash, form a gang and settle a score. His ex Dolores has been hiding out with an unwitting suitor. She has secrets and they are catching up with her. She means to skip town but her beau confronts her looking for answers and she doesn’t make it out in time before having a shootout with Sartana and his gang.

Log Line

A gang of bandits and a woman with secrets have a shoot out to the death in the old west. Whoever survives will hold the truth and decide to tell or keep the secret. 


Writer/Director:  Regina Banali

Producer:  Regina Banali, Nancy O’Brien

Genre: Spaghetti Western, Dark Comedy, Action

Length: 6:41

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Language: English

Completion Date:December 2019

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